A Group of Internationally renowned Psychiatrists and Psychologists Have Compiled Some Information Useful for People Undergoing Emotional Stress

Levels of stress and anxiety often increase due to significant changes and uncertainties in our lives. Sometimes worries such as acquiring a disease, losing our jobs, family problems, or overall concern about our future are significant stressors and could be even more stressful than traumatic events including natural and man-made disasters. In many cases, people may have strong reactions to these situations, which can last for a long time. They form a psycho-physiological response that can be crippling to the individual. Psychological and mental health assistance is often needed in such situations. This page introduces established mind-body-spirit techniques that may help to alleviate stress.

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This information is NOT intended to replace professional help and is meant as a helpful guide and resource. It is strongly recommended that if you are having significant mental health concerns, a mental health professional should be consulted for evaluation and treatment.

1. Stress Alleviation Techniques