All of you should take a vow continually to develop the Service (Sevā) Organisations. Let all join in the activities. Treat all as the children of one God. Whomsoever you may serve, consider you are serving God. Then you will experience the Divine. You are bound to have that experience soon. Never give up the organisation. Regard it as the breath of your life. This is real penance. Having this firm resolve, become exemplary leaders. This is My sole desire. Swami's love will accompany you everywhere.

Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 23, November 23, 1990

Love All Serve All

Sathya Sai International Organisation (SSIO)

The SSIO is a spiritual and humanitarian organisation founded by Sathya Sai Baba. The Organisation carries forth the mission started by Sathya Sai Baba who, by His selfless love, universal spiritual teachings, and exemplary life dedicated to social service, touched the hearts of millions of people all over the world.

The SSIO has been active for over 50 years. Its goal is to help people realise the Divine Principle innate in every human being. This is achieved by doing selfless service and achieving self-transformation by practising the five universal human values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love, and Nonviolence. This Divine Principle within is expressed by manifesting love in thought, word and deed.

The SSIO neither belongs to nor preaches any religion. It includes people from all religions, faiths, and nationalities. The quest for knowing the ultimate truth about oneself, living in accordance with one’s higher consciousness, and serving society is the mission of nearly 2,000 Sathya Sai Centres and Groups spread in over 120 countries.

Sathya Sai Centres

The Sathya Sai Centres form the core of the Organisation. Sathya Sai Centres help their members to realise their own innate divinity. Thus, the Sathya Sai mission constitutes a spiritual movement that strives to build a world of peace and prosperity, based on love and selfless service.

There are no membership fees for joining a Sathya Sai Centre, and fees are never charged for any Centre activity, nor are donations solicited from the public. Funds to cover various projects are offered voluntarily by members, and officers in the organisation use their own funds to cover personal expenses incurred in carrying out their duties.

The activities of the SSIO are broadly spiritual, educational and service oriented.

Spiritual activities

Spritual activities undertaken by the SSIO promote spiritual awareness and love of God through self-discipline and good conduct, study circles, devotional singing and other activities organised in Centre and Group meetings, retreats, camps, and conferences.

Educational Activities

These activitiesinclude the teaching and practice of the five universal Human Values: Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love, and Nonviolence through classes for children and parents, and training seminars for teachers. The practice of human values is the basis of character development and transforms one into a compassionate, honest, just, serene and happy person.

There are more than 40 Sathya Sai Schools around the world providing integral education, which has both academic and spiritual components. Its graduates are known not only for their high scholastic achievements but also for their upright moral character. These educational institutions have been recognised by local authorities for their excellence and outstanding contribution to society.

Sathya Sai Education in Human Values is administered by over 30 Institutes of Sathya Sai Education, in more than 30 countries, not only for schools and educational institutions but also for governments, businesses, industries and communities worldwide.

Young Adults Programme

The Young Adult's Programme encourages men and women, between the ages of 18 and 40 to lead purposeful lives serving their families, communities and countries by learning and practicing the spiritual principles taught by Sathya Sai Baba. Primary importance is given to holistic character development through personal transformation and selfless service. The Young Adults are an integral part of the organisation. They often take the lead in numerous service activities of the SSIO, such as the “Serve the Planet” programme, which is organised globally, year-round, with a common theme for service.

Service Activities

Service activities including global healthcare and social services, are a very important function of the SSIO. Selfless service is an important spiritual discipline for the realisation of the divine principle, latent in every being. Selfless service is expressed as love in action, love for the planet and, in particular, love for fellow human beings and all life forms. It consists of taking care of the physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being of the needy, without any consideration for reward or any intention to proselytise.

The organisation provides food, clothes, supplies and shelter to the needy, as well as loving care for the environment and animals. SSIO members engage in many types of community service projects throughout the year, across the globe.

Sathya Sai Global Healthcare Mission

Healthcare is another important service activity of the organisation. For many years, the SSIO has provided free healthcare of the highest quality, in a timely manner, to those in need of medical assistance – often in remote, rural areas where such services are needed most but are not available or affordable. Highly skilled doctors render loving, selfless services throughout the world, without regard for personal benefit, recognition, or reward.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of needy patients receive medical and surgical services at hundreds of medical camps and over 40 permanent medical clinics and mobile clinics worldwide. In addition, dental, vision, blood and bone marrow donor registration drives, and health education programmes are also conducted.

Disaster Relief

Humanitarian relief is an important service provided by the Organisation. SSIO volunteers offer medical assistance, as well as food, clothing, shelter and daily necessities to victims of natural disasters in a timely manner. SSIO members were quickly mobilised after the Earthquake in Ecuador, Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji, the Earthquake in Nepal, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Hurricane Sandy in the USA and the Earthquake in Haiti, to name a few.

Further details and information

This website provides further information on the objectives and activities of the SSIO.