Well Construction, Classroom Renovation, Tree Planting

The SSIO Morocco has initiated a comprehensive community adoption project in Marrakech, Morocco, in the Tamazouzt School. Several components of this project began in 2017 and have been completed. There are ongoing projects in social service, education and medical service. These projects have been undertaken by the SSIO EHV team and the SSIO school team.

The social service projects include completion of well renovation for water supply for sanitation and water supply for plantations (completed in June 2018). Projects including an irrigation system and planting of trees were also completed in 2017. The SSIO Morocco has also completed purchases of books for the school library in July 2018, and ongoing projects include construction of corridors and installation of libraries in classrooms. Other ongoing social service projects include coordination and organisation of green spaces and educational gardens in the school. Creation and distribution of Green Bags for the Go-Green initiative are also underway. 

In the field of education, SSEHV training with transmission of educational materials and follow-up visits have been completed. The creation of guidelines to help teachers integrate EHV into the daily curriculum and follow-up of teachers applying the program in their classrooms are continuing. 

On December 8th 2018 a Medical Caravan was organized to cover the Medicare aspect of the project. The objective of the caravan was to provide general medical check-up to determine the health status of all the children.  421 children were examined, with 352 children aged between 6 and 12 and 69 children aged between 4 and 6. Tamazouzt is a rural area where access to health facilities and doctors is far more difficult than elsewhere, this caravan was a blessing and a wish of the school committee that came true with the help of the SSIO Morocco.

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