SSIO Mauritius has adopted two poor rural communities consisting of 77 underprivileged families. The conditions of the life of the villagers is quite difficult with many challenges including: poverty, drugs, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, poor hygiene, and unemployment. The SSIO Mauritius has planned several initiatives that can make a positive impact in the lives of these people:

  1. Feeding the needy
  2. Improving nutrition of children and providing paediatric facilities
  3. Public speaking educational sessions on dangers of drugs and alcohol
  4. Health, sanitation and hygiene improvement campaigns
  5. Free tuition (tutoring) to kids and youth and recreational activities
  6. Medical camps

The community adoption programme began on Sunday 24th of June 2018 with a village clean-up campaign and distribution of food to needy families. More than 150 Sathya Sai volunteers turned up to clean the littered streets. Using various tools brought by the volunteers such as rakes, hoes, pickaxes, shovels and grass-cutters, the villagers joined hands with the SSIO volunteers to clean the village. The rubbage and debris including old household appliances, furniture, tires, old mattresses, plastic bottles, broken toys, and tree branches were loaded in trucks for appropriate disposal.   

At the end of the day, 75 boxes of food provisions were also offered to the needy families.