SSIO members from the countries of Southeast Asia have adopted the children of the indigenous communities in the mountains of Lao Cai Province in northern Vietnam. The SSIO distributes warm clothing and footwear to the underprivileged children. The SSIO volunteers travel nearly 1,200 kilometres through deep forests, rivers and mountains to reach these communities. They have served around 3,820 children ages 3–15. Some of the children must walk up to five kms to be able to go to school. During winter, it is extremely cold in the mountains, and the children of the families suffer from various health ailments due to the difficult climate and living conditions. The SSIO volunteers feel blessed to be able to provide this service and happily take care of these children’s needs, including providing jackets and boots during winter.

This community adoption programme also consists of building proper roads from some villages leading to the school, hosting medical camps, building playgrounds, and providing smoking prevention programmes for teenagers.